Pumping Images

Thomas Ward

Through a selection of potent and evocative phrases, the author carefully builds up a portrait of childhood, youth and growing up in America. Using words with painstaking economy, Ward creates a series of sound bites that combine to weave a tale of sadness, loss, growth, revolution and change. Avove all, his words make us aware of the transitory and fragile nature of life.

The deeply personal and the starkly political intermingle in a series of images that challenge the reader to interpret their silence as much as their sound. whether each phrase is taken in isolation or read in the context of the whole book, they demand our attention and startle us out of literary complacency.

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Order Thomas Ward's Pumping Images (London: Minerva Press).
ISBN: 0 75411 1709. $15.95

Thomas Ward was born in Pawtucket, Rhode Island in 1953. He has lived in Baltimore since 1989. This is not his first work, but the writing he most cherishes rarely finds it's way into print. Pumping Images is an exception to that rule.

Thomas Ward