Bibliography in English 1

By Harold Eugene Davis

Updated by Thomas Ward

Good News: After a century, González Prada's major essays have been published in English in a translation by Frederick Fornoff and edited by David Sobrevilla.

On González Prada, see the brief sketches in William Rex Crawford, A Century of Latin American Thought and in Harold Eugene Davis, Makers of Democracy in Latin America. See also Isaac Goldberg, Studies in Spanish American Literature (New York: Brentano, 1920) and Pedro Henríquez Ureña, Literary Currents in Hispanic America (Cambridge: Harvard University press, 1945). Also important is Phyllis Rodríguez Peralta, "González Prada's Social and Political Thought", Revista Interamericana de Bibliografía 30.2 (1980), pp. 148-156. Efraín Kristal's, The Andes viewed from the City (New York: Peter Lang, 1989) inserts González Prada into his social and political context. For González Prada's "positivism", see Thomas Ward, "Manuel González Prada: Devoted Follower or Insubordinate Partisan of Auguste Comte", Revista Hispánica Moderna 94.2 (Diciembre 1991), pp. 274-279.

1Harold Euguene Davis, "Bibliography in English" ("Bibliographical Note"), Latin American Social Thought (Washington: The University Press of Washington, 1961), pp. 196. Updated by Thomas Ward. Prepared for the WWW by Dawn DeLeonardis.

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