II International Colloquium on Manuel Gonzalez Prada: Challenging the Liberal Tradition, Feb. 28-29, 2008

Manuel Gonzalez Prada

    The II International Colloquium on Manuel González Prada continues conversations on the historical and literary legacy of the Peruvian writer initiated at the I International Colloquium in Bordeaux, France 2005.  As the theme for this year’s Colloquium, we have chosen to examine González Prada’s relationship to the diverse strands of political, cultural and economic thought that made up Peruvian and Latin American liberalism.  As one of the leading Latin American writers of his time, Manuel González Prada  was an influential force shaping how subsequent generations of Latin Americans would engage the challenge of crafting democratic social and economic agendas that could speak to the multicultural and multiethnic realities of the societies in which they lived  Far from presenting a comforting picture of how such challenges might be met, González Prada was not afraid to address the historical legacies of discrimination, violence and class privilege that threatened to undermine his country’s political stability.  In addressing these issues, his work touched on themes as vital and timely to the Latin America of our days, as those of political party systems, the political participation of youth, free public education, and the limits of economic or “free market” liberalism.  The II International Colloquium on González Prada takes up these themes to address the continuing centrality of González Prada’s thought to political and cultural debates in Peru and beyond. 

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Feb. 28: Loyola College (4th-Floor Programming Room)
Feb. 29:
Johns Hopkins University (Evergreen House)

This Colloquium would not be possible without the generous support of:
• Center for the Humanities, Loyola College
• Program in Latin American Studies, Johns Hopkins University
• Latin American and Latino Studies, Loyola College
• Department of Modern Languages and Literatures, Loyola College
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