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Powerful PowerPoint for Educators:
          Using Visual Basic for Applications to Make PowerPoint Interactive
          by David M. Marcovitz

Examples from Real People

Click on a link below to download an example in the format you choose.

These examples were created by real people and not the author of the book. The author has tried to screen out bad, inappropriate, or broken examples, but he makes no warranty as to the quality or usability of any of these examples. Also, some examples might use features that are not available in all versions of PowerPoint (such as advanced animations only available in 2002 and above or UserForms only available on Windows).

Examples are available in two formats: Zip (.zip) format (widely available on Windows computers) and Stuffit (.sit) format (widely available on Macs). Stuffit Expander (http://www.stuffit.com/) is available for free and for both Macintosh and Windows platforms. It opens both Stuffit files and Zip files. Computers running Windows XP can automatically open Zip files. Earlier versions of Windows require a program, such as Stuffit Expander or WinZip to open Zip files.

Click on a an example to download it. These examples will not run over the Web, they will not run with the PowerPoint Viewer, they will not run while compressed, and they will not run with macros disabled. Be sure your macro security is set to medium or low, and be sure to unzip or unstuff the files before running them.

Description Zip Version Stuffit Version

Pop Up Pirates
by Christine Fournier

A game to teach turn taking.

Macs can access the zip file.

Kindergarten Rhyming
by Monica Chuppetta

This is a great little exercise that helps kindergarten students practice rhyming. The file is large because voice is used a lot.

Macs can access the zip file.

Create a Copy Activity
by Christine Fournier, speech and language therapist

This is a clever use of VBA that allows you to create a list of words that your students must copy. Once you have completed creating the list of words, it generates a PPS file that is an activity for your students where they must copy the words as shown and automatically moves on when the words are typed correctly.

Uses features not available on Macs.

Beat the Clock to Identify Shapes
by Mike Mast

This is a simple shape identification game. It uses VBA in an interesting way asking you to identify all the shapes before time runs out.

Macs can all read ZIP files now.

Flash Card
by Dennis Wilson

This is a flash card generator that will read questions from a .csv file (Microsoft Excel Comma Separated Values File--easily generated from a simple Excel spreadsheet) and generates flash-card quiz. The author is a faculty member at Centennial College in Toronto. He is not one of my students, but his example file has silly questions from my book. Be sure to extract all the files from the Zipped folder before trying this.

Unavailable for Mac

Colonial Life
by Karen Eckstein, Kim Pearre, Shad Wachter, Jenny Glogowski, and Mark Welsh

Learn about the various aspects of colonial life in this project designed for elementary school children. The project features a menu with feedback about the aspects of colonial life that have been visited, and a short-answer and multiple-choice quiz that shows the score on a printable slide. VERY LARGE DOWNLOAD


String Animations Based on Physics Formulas
by Dr. Jan Czarnecki

Here is the description from the creator: "This presentation contains macros, which do two tasks: first, the timer shows time elapsed since the start of the slide show. The time is displayed in upper left corner of each slide. I think it is very useful for a presenter. The second task is an animation showing, say, a vibrating string. I think it can be used for physics classes (and perhaps music ?)."

Unavailable for Mac

Business Grammar
by Bonnie Sandberg

This example combines the printable results example with the random question example. It keeps track of the score and gives a printable slide with the score (but not the specific questions and answers given) while choosing ten questions at random.


Medieval Music
by Joel Tracy and Lori Snyder

This project for middle school students explores different types of music from Medieval times, including sections on string instruments, keyed instruments, wind instruments, percussion instruments, secular music, sacred music, and composers. Your students will be fascinated by the bladder pipe. Listen to examples of various types of music. Multiple-choice quizzes are provided for each section, and a final printable slide summarizes the results of all the sections' quizzes.


by Ryan Mayers

This Jeopardy template allows you to fill in your own questions and answers and allows you to keep with up to four teams/individuals.


Space Show for 1st Graders
by Cassie Farrall, Andrea Strzegowski, and Kristen Wallace

Try to become a First Grade Astronaut by learning about the nine planets. Don't miss the singing the nine planets song.


Elementary Math Centers
by Becky Kerschner and Eric Trickle

This examples includes tutorials and quizzes about elementary geometry and fractions to be used by 4th and 5th grade teachers as a math center. It uses many hidden and shown shapes for feedback during the tutorials and simple scoring for the quizzes.


Tabbed Browsing
by Ollie Killingback

Modern browsers have a feature for tabbed browsing allowing you quickly to jump back and forth among several pages without opening new windows. PowerPoint doesn't have this feature...until now. In this example, several of the slides have a "More Info" button. When you click on it, a tabbed area appears on the slide. Click on any tab to bring up the text for that tab, just like a normal tabbed window or tabbed dialog box.


American Revolution Quiz
by Kim Pearre

This example gives a brief quiz about the American Revolution. It includes a menu that gives feedback about the sections of the quiz that have been completed and a button to give the score on the quiz.


Punctuation Tutorial and Quiz
by Kerri Ogle

This example gives a brief tutorial and quiz about basic punctuation. The quiz keeps score and creates a page showing the results of the quiz.


Introduction to the Classical Guitar
by Shad Wachter

This example gives a brief tutorial and quiz about the classical guitar. The quiz keeps score and creates a page showing the results of the quiz.


Planets Quiz
by Andrea Strzegowski

This is a multiple-choice quiz about the planets. It reports scores in a percentage format.


Equation Solver
by Peter Jordan

This is a short-answer quiz about basic algebraic equations. All questions are found on one slide and feedback is given by changing the color of the question buttons. When all questions are answered, the student can advance to the results slide which shows the answers given for each question and the score on a slide that can be printed.


Mary McLeod Bethune Quiz
by Mark Welsh

This is a quiz about Mary McLeod Bethune based on information from the Houghton Mifflin reader by Eloise Greenfield. This quiz contains multiple-choice and short-answer questions. The multiple-choice questions are given immediate feedback. The short-answer questions and the score from the multiple-choice questions are placed on a results slide that can be printed.


American History Review
by Jennifer Glogowski

This is a series of review questions about American History. The questions can be accesed from a menu that indicates which questions have been answered. The question types include multiple choice, short answer, and Yes/No.


Maryland Quiz
by Lori Snyder

This is a brief multiple-choice quiz about Maryland that displays the final score. As questions are answered, a MsgBox pops up with feedback and appropriate pictures are revealed.


Spelling Champ Story and Reading Comprehension Questions
by Karen Eckstein

This example is a reading comprehension exercise. It includes a story about a young spelling champion and some comprehension questions. Questions may be tried (or skipped) as many times as you like, but results are not available until all questions are answered. Results appear on a separate slide with a score and all the answers that were chosen. The slide can be printed by clicking on a button that was added to the slide.


Contraction Action
by Jodi O'Neill

This presentation reviews contractions and provides a brief quiz.


Multiple Intelligences Inventory
by Krissie Wisniewski

This example allows younger students to review what they like to do in the context of various types of intelligences.


Genetics Review
by Melanie Thompson

This is a small multiple-choice quiz in two parts about genetics and cells. This was done as a proof of concept to help a teacher create reviews for her science students before midterm and final exams. The quizzes are scored independently and the menu gives feedback as to which sections have been completed.


Intro to the Video Camcorder
by Karen Eckstein

This is a brief introduction to the parts of a video camcorder and the pros and cons of using one.


Current Events
by Susan Kearney

A silly quiz about current events with a few nice tricks, such as shapes popping up to give feedback.


Fraction Factory
by Cassie Farrall

This example is a brief tutorial and quiz about fractions. It gives some basic information about fractions with some practice questions. When the tutorial is complete, the student takes a quiz with short-answer and multiple-choice questions. Results are displayed at the end, and if they are good enough, a certificate of accomplishment is displayed.


Outsiders Quiz
by Joel Tracy

This is a brief multiple-choice quiz on the book The Outsiders with a final score displayed as a percentage.


This page was created by Dr. David M. Marcovitz.
Last updated: January 20, 2011