Powerful PowerPoint for Educators

Using Visual Basic for Application to Make PowerPoint Interactive

by David M. Marcovitz

Examples from Real People

Click on a link below to download an example in the format you choose.

These examples were created by real people and not the author of the book. The author has tried to screen out bad, inappropriate, or broken examples, but he makes no warranty as to the quality or usability of any of these examples. Also, some examples might use features that are not available in all versions of PowerPoint (such as advanced animations only available in 2002 and above or UserForms only available on Windows). When available, the version it was created in is noted, meaning that the example is more likely to run in that version (but might still run in other versions).

Examples are in Zip (*.zip) format. Be sure to unzip them before trying to run them.

Click on a an example to download it. These examples will not run over the Web, they will not run with the PowerPoint Viewer, they will not run while compressed, and they will not run with macros disabled.

Description Zip version Originally created for

Japanese Flash Cards
by Randall Sharp

This PowerPoint program contains all 104 hiragana and katakana characters in a flashcard format.

PowerPoint 2010 (Windows)

Jeopardy Template
by Chad Hollett

This is a template for making a Jeopardy game that keeps score. Chad also made a video to accompany this to show you how to use it: http://youtu.be/hQr1yVchsl4

PowerPoint 2010 (Windows)

Division Adventure
by Jessica Friedheim, Sarah Hicks, Cheryl Jones, and Jennifer Poland

Math about division for fourth grade students. Students go to an amusement park, getting to select which rides to try with different problems depending on their choices. At the end the final score is printed out.

PowerPoint 2011 (Mac)

Telling Time
by Michael Mast

Michael wanted a random analog clock to appear with three digital times displayed (one of them right and the other two random). This is for practice telling time for pre-schoolers. I helped him get started with this, and he did the rest.

PowerPoint 2010 (Windows)
PowerPoint 2011 (Mac)

Quiz Creator and Theme Picker
by Josh Mason

Josh is trying to help other teachers use PowerPoint to create quizzes so he created these two tools. The Quiz Creator has the code locked so you can use it but not see how it works. The theme builder has the code open. Both of these are housed on Josh's Skydrive so you can go there and download the PowerPoint files from there.

Quiz Creator
Theme Picker

PowerPoint 2007 (Windows)

More examples are coming soon. In the meantime, visit the Examples from Real People section of the First Edition of this book to find examples.

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