Powerful PowerPoint for Educators

Using Visual Basic for Application to Make PowerPoint Interactive

by David M. Marcovitz

Examples by Chapter
Chapter 8

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# Pages from Book Description Zip Version Text Version
8 121-153 All examples from Chapter 8 Chapter8.zip
8.1 123 Simple multiple-choice quiz that uses the name in feedback and keeps score. Example08-01.zip
8.2 125-126 Simple multiple-choice quiz that forces the user to answer again until the right answer is chosen. Score is kept only counting the first try. Example08-02.zip
8.3 127-128 Adds a short-answer question to Example 8.2. Example08-03.zip
8.4 128-130 Adds alternative spellings, any capitalization (LCase), and extra spaces (Trim) to Example 8.3. Example08-04.zip
8.5 130-132 Three Tries - Limit the user to getting a question wrong three times before moving on. Example08-05.zip
8.6 132-136 Simple quiz that allow the user to go back and forth among questions, answering over and over even after getting it right. Only the first try is counting. Example08-06.zip
8.7 136-145 Multiple-choice and short-answer quiz that reports the results on a printable slide. Example08-07.zip
8.8 146-150 Tutorial and Quiz - Shapes appear on the menu to let you know which sections of the tutorial you have visited. Example08-08.zip
8.9 150-152 Hide the Quiz Button - Same as Example 8.8 plus the quiz button does not appear until all sections of the tutorial have been completed. Example08-09.zip

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