Inge Heyer's Writing and Editing Samples

Writing Samples

Editing and Publication Design Samples (using Adobe InDesign and PhotoShop (2006-2014) and Framemaker (2000-2005))

The brochure for the Physics Department of Loyola University Maryland serves to advertise the strength and diversity of the departmental offerings to prospective students, their parents, and to freshmen and sophomores trying to decide on a major.

The JAC Annual Report is the annual state of the observatory report of the Joint Astronomy Centre. It was part of my job to produce this publication intended for stake holders, libraries, and other observatories. Here are the five issues I designed, edited, and published during my tenure at JAC.

The WFPC Instrument Handbook was an annual publication to provide instrument users with the latest information on WFPC2 to facilitate writing proposals. I was an editor for seven of the last nine editions between 2000 and 2005.

Poster Design Samples (using Adobe InDesign and PhotoShop)

These posters were designed for conference display and outreach purposes. The last three were designed by Hawaiian high school student interns under my supervision.

Astronomy Blogging Samples

I write a regular astronomy blog for the official Star Trek website (CBS/Paramount).

Website Design and Maintenance Samples

Other Documents

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