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In Spring 2020 I'm teaching MA 151, Applied Calculus and Geometry .


Here are my papers

LaTeX Guide

I've been teaching my students to use LaTeX, the best mark-up language for producing beautiful documents, especially ones containing mathematics. Here are a few LaTeX Guides.

Calculus Notes

I've made some Open Source Calculus notes, licensed under the Creative Commons, NC, BY license. One of the distinguishing features is that I've set the files up to be very modular, so that the same source can provide different Calculus courses: Applied Calc, Late Transcendentals, Calc I and Calc II. Also I've created commands for taking different snapshots of the texts: Examples only, Examples with blank spaces, Definitions only, fill in the blank modes, etc. Here's some links showing how I've used it:

Emacs and TeXShop

Here are some tricks I've found useful in making Emacs (specifically Carbon Emacs with Auctex) interact well with TeXShop.

Keyboard layout for Dvorak and LaTeX

In 1997 I started using the Dvorak keyboard layout for all my typing. But, I figured, if I was going to go through the trouble of learning a new keyboard, why not make it even better for entering LaTeX? So I further customized the Dvorak keyboard. The letters are in the same place as the standard Dvorak, but I moved around some of the other symbols. Anyway, here it is .

Loyola, G-drive and Macintoshes

At Loyola, the networked file server is typically called the G-drive. This is easy to connect to on the Macintosh. From the Finder choose Go, Connect to Server, and enter 
where you would replace "educkworth" with your user name. This should mount your G-drive on your desktop, where you can edit and use the files directly.

Citrix on Safari

Loyola is starting to put more and more applications on Citrix Metaframe, which is a web-based distribution. When it works, it's wonderful, and you can access lots of programs right through your web-browser. In the past, you had to set things up correctly to get it to work on Safari on the Macintosh. But these days it should be pretty automatic.

Graduate programs of interest

Here I've gathered some information about graduate programs at other schools that might be of interest to Loyola students.

PreTeXt Testing


Core as Foundation

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