Loyola Robotics Club

The mission of the Robotics Club is to encourage students and faculty to discuss, prototype, and test robots that they choose to create on their own or with others. Students from all majors and disciplines are welcome to participate in the club activities. No experience in robotics is necessary!

The past couple of years the Robotics Club has focused their activities on:

  • VEX Robotics

    Our VEX U team builds robots to compete against other college teams. This past year, the team qualified for the playoff rounds in a regional state tournament. A variety of positions are needed on the team: builders, coders, notebook, fund-raising, and more.

    The team also has interest in reaching out to the community by mentoring middle-school and high-school robotics teams and demonstrating their designs on a 'Robot Roadtrip.'

  • Arduino-based bots
  • Small robots controlled by microcontrollers represent another type of project undertaken by club members. The Arduino microcontroller is easy to learn to program and is a good gentle introduction to microprocessors and embedded systems design. Students learn the basics of controlling motors and reading sensor input. Zumo robot competitions are a goal of these projects.

Club Leadership 2018-2019
Presidents Emily Dexter-Thornton
William Torres
Vice-President Arizza Santos
Executive Treasurer Yon Su Kim
Director of Community Relations Rachel Jarman
Publicity and Safety Paul Grady

The faculty moderators for the Robotics club are:

Updated 21 June 2018
by D. Hoe