Dr. David Hoe’s Loyola Webpage

Welcome to my home webpage! I am an assistant professor in the Engineering Department at Loyola University Maryland.

My office hours for the Spring 2016 semester are:

·        Mondays: by appointment

·        Tuesdays: 12:15 pm to 1:15 pm

·        Wednesdays: by appointment

·        Thursdays: 12:15 pm to 1:15 pm

·        Fridays: 1 to 2 pm

If these times do not fit your schedule, please email me (dhhoe AT loyola.edu) for an appointment.

Some of the courses I teach are:

·        EG 031 Linear Circuit Analysis Lab

·        EG 331 Linear Circuit Analysis

·        EG 471 Digital Logic & Computer Systems

·        EG 071 Digital Logic & Computer Systems Lab

·        EG 474 Introduction to Microprocessor-based Systems

·        EG 479 FPGA Design

·        EG 480 Digital Signal Processing

In addition, I offer an independent study research course for students desiring to get credit for doing research with me.

You can find out more about my teaching philosophy here. See also the Engineering department’s website for the Electrical Engineering concentration and the Computer engineering concentration.

My research interests are in the area of microelectronics/nanoelectronics and high performance computing. I often involve undergraduate students in my research, either through an independent research course for credit during the regular semester or through a Hauber Fellowship during the summer. See more about my current research projects here.

I also mentor a couple of student clubs at Loyola:

·        Robotics Club

·        Bible Study for Faculty and Students