Sara Scalenghe

Associate Professor of History, Loyola University Maryland

I am a historian of the social and cultural history of the early modern and modern Middle East, with a focus on the Arab world. I graduated from the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, with a B.A. in Arabic and Persian, and then went on to pursue an M.A. in Arab Studies and a Ph.D. in Middle Eastern and North African History from Georgetown University. Before returning to the East Coast and joining the Department of History at Loyola University Maryland in Fall 2009, I was an Assistant Professor of History and Near Eastern Languages and Cultures at Indiana University, Bloomington. My first book, Disability in the Ottoman Arab World, 1500-1800, was published by Cambrdige University Press in 2014. It examines blindness, deafness, madness, and intersex in the Arab provinces of the Ottoman Empire. I am currently preparing a second monograph on disability in the modern Arab world.


  • HS 101

    Europe and the World Since 1500

  • HS 393D

    The Making of the Modern Middle East

  • HS 394

    Colonialism and Nationalism in the Middle East and North Africa

    HS 448D

    Women and Gender in the Middle East

  • HS 489

    Seminar: America in the Middle East

  • HS 481

    Seminar: The History of Disability in Comparative Perspective