University of Utah
Psychology 440/640
"Advanced Environmental Psychology: The Psychology of Social Action"
Carol Werner
Spring, 1995

Cialdini, R.B. (1988). _Influence: Science and Practice_, 2nd Edition. Glenview, IL: Scott, Foresman.

Nash, R.F. (Ed.) (1990). _American Environmentalism: Readings in conservation history_. New York: McGraw-Hill.

Doubleday. (selected chapters).

See also texts on reserve and assigned readings in schedule.

Goals of Class:
The purpose of this class is to allow us to link theory and research in social action to environmental projects. Half of the class assignments will involve reading, discussing, and presenting on a variety of topics relevant to environmental social action. The remainder of the assignment is a project on some environmental class.

Assignments and Grades:

Readings. We will begin the class with some success stories, and each student will present a "book report" that summarizes a success story (readings available or you can suggest your own) and analyzes why the people were able to solve or prevent some environmental problem. We will refer back to these stories as we read the psychological literature on attitude/behavior change, motivation, community action groups, etc. In other words, we will use these case studies and the psychological literature as bases for our own projects this quarter.

Projects. Early in the quarter, students enrolled in 440/640 will begin to design (in consultation with Carol and other students) an individual research project. The project should involve some group (e.g., dormitory residents, neighborhood community, office complex) and involve some kind of environmental activism. Once the project is designed, students implement it, evaluate its success (e.g., what % of people are recycling and what % of recyclables are being recycled?), and write up a description of the projects and their success.

Grades. Grades will be based on your "book report" (accuracy, thoroughness, and analysis), the adequacy of your research project (use of text and lecture materials), and the quality of your write-up (accuracy, thoroughness, use of text/lecture material). I'll give you a model paper and we'll talk more about the paper assignment about mid-quarter.