MG 150: Organizations and Behavior
Tuesday evening
Classroom 209

Bentley College                          Office:     G322 
Diane Kellogg                            Phone:    891-2531
Fall 1994                                Office Hours:   by appmt

Required Texts
Essentials of Organizational Behavior, by Stephen P. Robbins Some additional cases and handouts will be distributed as needed.

Evaluation                                             Due: 
Preparation (quizzes or short papers)     25%          weekly
Critical Incident / Case                               Oct 11
Case Analysis                             25%          Nov1
Leadership/Motivation Project             25%          Dec 6
Final paper--Analysis of an Organization  25%          Dec 13
Participation                             effect on "rounding up"

Students will receive the grade they earn, with no rounding. For example, a 3.2 average will be a 3.0 grade. However, people who actively participate in class discussions may have their grade rounded up.

The Critical Incident/Case should be one you have a particular, ongoing interest in. Choose a situation from any level of organization study: personal, interpersonal, group, or organization. It should be a situation where you would like more understanding or where you would like to see some change occur.

The Case Analysis should identify which bodies of theory are relevant to the particular case, and how those theories apply to the situation. What new understanding does theory offer to the situation. What actions are implied, if any? What do you suggest the main character do at this point in time?

The Leadership/Motivation Project is designed to encourage students to apply what they have learned about leadership and motivation in the course to a practical setting. Students will lead a project of their own choosing and motivate at least 5 other people to become involved in the project. Select a community project which will benefit members of a disadvantaged population. You may work directly with individuals, or work through a non-profit organization.

In the past, students have worked within their current places of employment to instigate worthy projects, and found a natural group of people to involve. Inviting friends, room mates, or other members of your campus organization has also worked well. Projects have included collecting coats for the homeless, collecting food for Boston City Hospital's infant nutrition project, organizing field trips for retarded children, or raising funds for a good cause.

Your write-up should be about three pages long, and include a description of your project and what strategies you used to motivate and lead people toward the completion of your established goals. Give the results of your effort, but keep in mind that you will not be graded on these. Rather, you will be graded on your ability to understand what went well and why, and what went poorly and why as you used leadership and motivation skills.

The Final Paper is an invitation to you to apply course theory to a real experience you have had in an organization. You may select a place of employment, a club, a volunteer organization, or your family. Create sections for your paper to coincide with the concepts/chapters covered in the course.

Class Sessions

September 13

     Overview of the Course 
     Analytic Thinking and Multiple Causality
     Pre-test on MG 150 concepts
     Follow-up Reading: Chapters 1 and 2
     Assignment: Interview a person who was born in another
                 country.  Ask questions about the Hofstede's four
                 dimensions, and write up your results in 1-2

The Individual in the Organization

September 20

     Preparation:  Read Chapter 3 
     Perception  & Learning Styles
     Learning Style Inventory
     Distribute Hovey and Beard Case
     Submit:  Write-up on learnings from interviewing 
              international person.
     Assignment:  Answer in writing the discussion question on the
                  Hovey and Beard Case.  Read and understand the
                  chapter on Motivation thoroughly.

September 22

     Special Session  (in lieu of Dec 20 mtg)
     Paul Wagner's overview on Leadership.
     Location of this special event will be announced.

September 27

     Preparation:  Read Chapter 4:  Motivation
     Motivating others in theory and in practice.
     Assignment:  Finalize your plans for the Leadership/Motivation

October 4

     Preparation:  Read Chapters 5 and 6
     Redesigning your job as a student
     Individual decision-making 
     Submit:  a one page description of your Leadership/Motivation 

Groups in the Organization

October 11

     Preparation:  Read Chapter 7:  Group Behavior
     Excerpts from "Twelve Angry Men"
     Submit:  2-3 page critical incident or case study
              Keep in mind that you are writing a description of an
              incident, not an analysis of it.  You should include 
              facts, not inferences or analytic judgments, in the
              presentation of information about the organization,
              groups, and individuals.

October 18

     Preparation:  Read Chapter 8:  Communication
     Assignment:  Spend 1 hour with a person you want to understand
                  better. Use the 7 suggestions on page 126 to
                  develop your active listening skills.  Write a 1
                  page summary of how you did in implementing each
                  of the 7 suggested skills.

October 25

     Chapter 8 continued:  Decision-Making
     Film:  The Challenger Decision
     Submit:  Summary of your use of the 7 listening skills.
     Assignment:   Be aware of incidents that occur during your 
                   week where you see the effects of GroupThink in
                   action.  Plan to discuss examples with the class
                   next week.

November 1

     Preparation:  Read Chapter 9:  Leadership
     Questionnaire on leadership styles
     Submit:  Critical Incident/Case Analysis  (5-7 pages)

November 8

     Preparation:  Read Chapter 10:  Power and Politics
     Assignment:  Complete the Power and Politics assessment

November 15

     Preparation:  Read Chapter 11:  Conflict and Negotiation
     Assignment:  Find or prepare a copy of an organization chart
                  of an organization of which you are or were a
                  member.  Bring it to class next week.

The Organization System

November 22

     Preparation:  Read Chapters 12 and 13:  Think about the
                   application of these concepts to the
                   organization chart you are bringing with you to
                   class. De-centralization, De-Engineering,  &

November 29

     Preparation:  Plan to describe to the class the project you
                   completed.  Each person will give a 3-5 minutes
     Submit:  A 3-page paper describing your project, your results,
              and your effectiveness as a leader and motivater.

     Assignment:  Using the 10 characteristics on page 245, write
                  a summary of the culture of an organization you
                  have been, or are now part of.

December 6

     Preparation: Read Chapter 15
     Organization Culture:  Disney, Apple, IBM, 3M, etc.

December 13

     Preparation:  Read Chapter 16
     Class session will be on Organizational Change
     As case material for tonight's discussion, we will use either
     the organizations you analyzed for your final papers, or the
     organizations you created for your leadership/motivation
     Submit:  Final Paper:  Analysis of an Organization