University of Utah
Prof. Hester Henderson, Ph. D.
Exercise and Sports Science 360
Introduction to Special Physical Education Course Outline: Winter 1993
Course Objectives:

         Upon successful completion of this course, the students will
         be able to:

I )      Demonstrate an understanding of the federal law mandating
         services for students with disabilities.
2)       Demonstrate an understanding of the nature of disabling
3)       Demonstrate an understanding of the concept of
4)       Demonstrate an understanding of the developmental levels of
         functioning from which to plan activities for individuals
         with disabilities.
5)       Demonstrate the ability to assess physical fitness and
         other physical education skills.
6)       Demonstrate the ability to individualize physical education
         for each student.
7)       Demonstrate the ability to establish goals and formulate
         behavioral objectives for individual students based on
8)       Demonstrate the ability to modify the physical learning
         environment for individual and group participation in
         actual practical settings.
9)       Demonstrate an awareness of the indicated and 
contra-indicated activities for a variety of disabling conditions.
10)      Demonstrate the ability to write an appropriate
         individualized educational program(IEP).
11)      Demonstrate the ability to communicate in writing with
12)      Demonstrate the ability to task analyze a physical
         education skill.
13)      Demonstrate the ability to utilize behavior management
         techniques with students in a physical education setting.
14)      Demonstrate an awareness of issues in special physical

Course Text:

         Eichstaedt, C. B. and Kalakian, L. H. (1987)
         Developmental/Adapted Physical Education (2nd ed).  New York:
         MacMillan Publishing Co.

A packet of readings (Packet #1) is available in the Copy Center (HPER N 259) and another packet of readings (Packet #2) will be available at the Reserve Desk at the Marriott Library.

Course Requirements:

  1. Three TESTS will be given. The information for these tests will be taken from lectures, readings, labs, and assigned readings of both chapters of the text and the packet of readings.
  3. Write an Individualized Educational Program (IEP). **Due TUESDAY, FEB 9**
  4. Write a task card and letter to a parent (TYPEWRITTEN). **Due TUESDAY, FEB 16**
  5. Write a task analysis (TYPEWRITTEN). **Due THURSDAY, FEB 25**
  6. Critique five newspaper clippings, journal articles, TV shows, or videotapes on special physical education. This critique must be 2 paragraphs: the first paragraph is a summary, the second is your reaction to the article/videotape (TYPEWRITTEN). **Due THURSDAY, MARCH 4**

Groups will be responsible for designing a lab where class members participate in various activities for one of the following special populations:

  1. Mental Retardation -- TUESDAY, JAN 19
  2. Visually Impaired -- TUESDAY, MARCH 2
  3. Individuals in Wheelchairs -- TUESDAY MARCH 9

The group is responsible for providing a handout. for each member of the class.


Each student will participate in a 30 hour practicum experience providing instruction in physical education for individuals with disabilities at a chosen site or sites. Each student will keep daily logs of the experience. At the end of the quarter, the logs and a written report summarizing the experience will be submitted. The summary should be at least 2 typewritten pages in length (see example in packet). **Due TUESDAY, MARCH 9** If you cannot go to your practicum teaching assignment at your scheduled time, you MUST call your coordinating teacher beforehand to let them know. MORE THAN 1 UNEXCUSED ABSENCE WILL RESULT IN 0 POINTS CREDIT FOR PRACTICUM,

Grading System:

         3 Tests (150 pts each)                              450 pts
         4 Individual Projects (50 pts each)            200 pts
         I Group Project                                           50 pts
         Practicum, Daily Log, & Summary           300 pts

                                                                           1000 pts

Course Instructor:

Hester Henderson, Ph. D. HPER N 255 581-7964 (office)

Course Modules:

Jan 5: MODULE 1: INTRODUCTION TO THE COURSE Readings: Eichstaedt & Kalakian, Chapters I & 4.


Jan 12: MODULE 2: MAINSTREAMING Readings: Eichstaedt & Kalakian, Chapter 3 Packet #1 read all articles on Mainstreaming Packet #2 read Module 1: Mainstreaming

Jan 14: MODULE 3: MENTAL RETARDATION Readings: Eichstaedt & Kalakian, Chapter 9


Jan 21 & 26: MODULE 4: P.L. 94-142 Readings: Eichstaedt & Kalakian, Chapters 2 & 24 Packet #2 read Module 2: PL 94:142

Jan 28: TEST 1 ON LECTURES, READINGS, AND TEXT CHAPTERS 1, 2, 3, 4, 9 & 24. Packet #1 read example of IEP

Feb. 2: MODULE 5: INDIVIDUALIZED EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS (IEPS) Readings: Eichstaedt & Kalakian, Chapters 6 & 8 (NEW BOOK CHAPTERS 7 & 5)

Feb 4: MODULE 6: WORK ON IEP Readings: Packet #2: read Module 3: Behavior Management Packet #I: read examples of task cards and letters.

Feb 9: ****** IEP due ********

MODULE 7: HOMEWORK IN SPECIAL P. E. Packet #2: read Module 4: Homework in Special PE Packet #I: Read examples of Task Analysis

Feb 11: MODULE 8: TASK ANALYSIS Readings: Eichstaedt & Kalakian, Chapter 23 (NEW BOOK CHAPTER 20)

Feb 16: ***** Task Card & Letter due ******* MODULE 9: BEHAVIORAL DISORDERS Readings: Eichstaedt & Kalakian, Chapter 11 (NEW BOOK CHAPTER I 1)

Feb 18: ******Daily Logs due****** MODULE 10: LEARNING DISABILITIES Readings: Eichstaedt & Kalakian, Chapter 10 (NEW BOOK CHAPTER 10)

Feb 23: TEST 2 ON LECTURES, READINGS, AND TEXT CHAPTERS 6, 8, 10, 11 12 & 23. (NEW BOOK CHAPTERS 7, 5, 10, 11 & 20)

Feb 25: ****** Task Analysis due ******* MODULE 11: VISUALLY IMPAIRED Readings: Eichstaedt & Kalakian, Chapters 19 & 25. (NEW BOOK CHAPTER 14 & old book chapter 25 which is on reserve in the library)

March 2: VISUALLY IMPAIRED LAB El 0 1 Readings: Eichstaedt & Kalakian Chapter 5 (NEW BOOK CHAPTER 6)

March 4: ****** Article Critiques due MODULE 12: HEARING IMPAIRED Readings: Eichstaedt & Kalakian, Chapters 18 &16. (NEW BOOK CHAPTERS 13 &15)

March 9: ******* Practicum Summary due WHEELCHAIR LAB E101 Read chapter 4 in new book which is on reserve in the library

March 11: TEST 3 ON LECTURES, LABS, AND TEXT CHAPTERS 5, 16, 18,, 19 & 25. (NEW BOOK CHAPTERS 6, 15, 13,14) and chapter 25 in old book and chapter 4 in new book-both of these are on reserve in the library

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