Bentley College

MG 150 / MK 160
Marketing, Organizations and Behavior

         Monday      12:45-3:25   C 209   MG+MK
         Tuesday     12:45-2:00   G 122      MG
         Thursday    12:45-2:00   C 209      MK

Dr. Debbie Easterling MOR 239 891-2276 OH: M 3:25-4:30/ Th 2:10-3:30
Dr. Diane Kellogg AGC 322 891-2531 OH: M 11-12:30/ Tu 2-3

Course Overview
Marketing and Management both rely on an understanding of human behavior. Whether one is concerned about working with others effectively inside an organization, or dealing with the marketplace of consumers and customers outside the organization, having an understanding of psychology and social behavior is of central importance. By clustering these two courses we hope to give students a more rich understanding of both content areas.

We will use the double block on Monday to introduce concepts that have relevance to both marketing and management, then each instructor will use a single session (Kellogg on Tuesday; Easterling on Thursday) to apply those concepts in a more specific way to each discipline.

Required Texts
Marketing by Keegan, Moriarty, and Duncan Essentials of Organizational Behavior by Stephen P. Robbins Participant's Manual for The Organization Game Write to the Top by Deborah Dumaine
Some additional cases and handouts will be distributed as needed.

An all-day simulation--The Organization Game--is scheduled for:

Friday, October 14, from 8:30-4:30. Participation is required. Students who cannot attend on this date because of a last minute emergency can take an Incomplete and participate in the Game next semester. Please change sections now if you know that you cannot attend on October 14.

You are taking one six-credit integrated course and will receive one grade for all six credits. Because Dr. Easterling is responsible for your learning in the marketing area, and Dr. Kellogg is responsible for your learning in the management aspects of the course, each will independently evaluate your work in their area, as outlined below:

Dr. Easterling Dr. Kellogg

Participation + preparation         20%               10%
Analysis of The Organization Game                     10%
Motivation Project                                    10%
Final Paper:
     Organization Diagnosis                           20%
Marketing Project:                  30%

Questionnaire design
Written report
Oral presentation

Participation and Preparation
You will be expected to prepare each case thoroughly, and to read the assigned chapters in each textbook thoroughly. While both professors will attend Monday sessions and be able to evaluate your participation in discussions, Dr. Kellogg will be responsible for the Tuesday sessions and may give unannounced multiple-choice quizzes to assure that you are reading the MG chapters. Dr. Easterling will use quizzes for Thursday sessions on MK chapters.

Analysis of The Organization Game
You will be creating an organization as a class: producing products, evaluating your own success, rewarding and motivating workers, establishing marketing plans, and implementing programs. The "Game" will be played over several hours time, but will result in your having an opportunity to analyze your own experience, and the organization itself.

Motivation Project
One of the concepts most important to all managers and to the marketing function in particular is motivation. To increase the depth of your understanding of motivation, you will be asked to analyze a situation where you are now involved in trying to motivate others to do something (e.g., to help you with a service-learning project, to change their way of doing things, to come on time to meetings, choose any situation you want to learn more about). You will then make a plan (1 page), implement that plan, and write an evaluation (3 pages) of your personal success in motivating others. You will be evaluated on your plan, your implementation, and your ability to analyze why your plan did or did not work.

Final MG Paper: Organization Diagnosis. This is an invitation to you to apply course theory to a real experience you have had in an organization. You may select a place of employment, a club, a volunteer organization, or your family. Create sections for your paper to coincide with the concepts/chapters covered in the course. Better grades will go to papers which look at these concepts in depth and offer insights on additional aspects of organizations which seem particularly relevant to achieving a good understanding of the organization you are diagnosing. Use the chapter titles as subheadings for your paper to help you organize your thoughts and present them in a systematic way. Use Write to the Top standards for business writing.

Marketing Project
Bentley College is a business school working to improve the social consciousness of its graduates such that when they enter the business world they will be more aware of the needs of society, and will have a sense of responsibility toward disadvantaged population groups. At Bentley, Service Learning has contributed much toward the achievement of this goal. However, to date, there has been little formal measurement of the overall effectiveness to which Bentley or the Service Learning Project is meeting this particular goal.

In project teams you will be doing a complete marketing research project related to Service Learning at Bentley. Assume that you have been hired (as marketing consultants) by the college to determine student perceptions of, attitudes toward, and participation in Service Learning projects. Additionally, the client (Bentley College) would be interested in learning about particular outcomes of Service Learning experiences. That is, they would like to know what long-term changes have occurred in student's professional behavior as a result of their participation in Service Learning.

This type of research project involves a number of steps, beginning with an identification of the research problem and ending with a final report of findings, conclusions, and recommendations. (A typical diagram of the process will be provided). The steps of this process can be grouped into two primary areas: Research Methodology: which includes decisions about data gathering methods, a sampling plan, and a discussion of your data gathering instrument (questionnaire).

Research Reporting: a description of what will be included in your final report (i.e., types of analyses, etc.)

Additionally there will be an opportunity for your group to give an oral presentation, highlighting your findings and recommendations.

Schedule of Class Sessions

Thur 8 Introductions

         Class members
         Course outline

Mon 12 Disciplinary Overviews: (foundations, goals, challenges)

         Organization Behavior
         Preparation:  MG-1 & 2; MK-1 & 2

Tues 13 International culture + Individual Behavior (assignment)

Preparation: MG-3

Thur 15 Marketing Environment

Preparation: MK-3; Granite Rock Case

Mon 19 Strategy Development/Planning

         Film:  "Inc. Magazine:  Getting and Testing the Idea"
         Preparation:  MK-4;
         Case Analysis:  "Granite Rock: A Unique Approach to

Tues 20 Motivation

         Discuss Motivation/Leadership Project ideas
         Preparation:  MG-4, Hovey and Beard Case

Thur 22 Marketing Research

         Video case: "Trend Tracking"
         Preparation:  MK-5

Mon 26 Analytic Thinking and Writing

         Submit:  Draft of Marketing Questionnaire
         Preparation:  Write to the Top;  The Roger Clarke Case   
         Submit:  Your draft of a memo from Roger Clarke to C.S.

Tues 27 Continued discussion of Analytic Thinking

         Submit:  1-page summary of your Motivation Project
         Preparation:  Revisions to original memo
         Submit:  Revised memo   

Thur 29 Questionnaire Development

         Preparation: Come prepared to revise your questionnaire
                      and to discuss issues related to its design
                      (i.e., sample selection, data collection,
                      analysis and reporting of results).


Mon 3 Customer Behavior

         Film:  "Why People Buy" (first part)
         Preparation:  MK-6

Tues 4 Individual Decision-Making

Preparation: MG-6

Thur 6 Film: "Family Pet Health Insurance"

         Preparation:  Case Analysis:  "Regional Marketing:
                       Dealing with Diversity" 

Mon 10 Columbus Day Holiday

Tues 11 Over viewing the Organization Game, assigning roles

Preparation: Participant's Manual (pages 1-45)

Thur 13 Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning

Preparation: MK-8

Fri 14 Meet at 8:30 in C409

  1. Bring a lunch
  2. Snacks to share
  3. Be well-prepared to function in your assigned role
  4. Plan to stay until 4:30

Mon 17 Group Behavior and Group Decision Making

         Film:  excerpts from "Twelve Angry Men"
         Preparation:  MG-7 & 8      

Tues 18 Communication and Group Decision Making

         Film:  "GroupThink"
         Preparation:  MG-7 & 8

Thur 20 Organizational Buying Behavior

         Film:  "Why People Buy"  (last part)
         Preparation:  MK-7

Mon 24 Developing/Positioning Products

         Video:  "Virtual Reality"
         Film:  "When Products Harm"
         Preparation:  MK-10 & 11;   
         Case Analysis:  "Masters of Product Planning"

Tues 25 Leadership and Ethics

         Tobacco Company executives
         Submit:  Analysis of the Organization Game
         Preparation:   MG-9
         Handout:  "Changing Business as Usual" 

Thur 27 Continue Product Discussion

         Film:  "Life After Death?"   
         Preparation:  MK 12 & 13

Mon 31 Power and Politics

         Shifting the balance of power in your own life
         Preparation:  MG-10

Tues 1 Preparation: The Barbara DiBella Case

Thur 3 Channels of Distribution

         Preparation:    MK-16;
         Case Analysis:  "Power Shifts in Distribution Channels"
         Submit:  Written responses to questions at end of case.

Mon 7 Organizational Structure

Preparation: MG-12 & 13

Tues 8 Leadership and the New Science

Film: "Re-Engineering the Organization"

Thur 10 Channels of Distribution, continued

         Competitive Advantage
         Film:  "The Town that Loves Garbage:
         Video:  "On the Road Again"
         Preparation:   MK-9

Mon 14 Retailing/Wholesaling

         Guest Speaker:  The Body Shop
         Preparation:   MK-17

Tues 15 Planning Meeting time for Marketing Groups

Thurs 17 Pricing Considerations

         Video Case:  "Sheep Pills for Humans"
         Preparation:  MK-14 & 15

Mon 21 Communication

Preparation: MK-18; MG-8

Tues 22 Motivation Projects

         Plan to give a 3-5 minute presentation describing your
         project, your results, and your own personal learning.
         Submit:  A three-page evaluation of your motivation

Thur 24 Thanksgiving Holiday

Mon 28 Advertising

         Film:  "Advertising of Alcohol"
         Preparation:  MK-20;  Case Analysis:  "Promotion
                       Strategies for Small industrial Firms"

Tues 29 Organization Culture

         Disney, IBM, Apple, 3M, Nightclubs & Nunneries    
         Preparation:  MG-15


Thur 1 Sales Promotion, Direct Marketing

         Film:  "They've Got Your Number"
         Preparation:  MK-21 & 22

Mon 5 Organization Change and Development

         excerpts from "Dead Poet's Society" on Changing Org
         Preparation:   MG-16

Tues 6 Registration Day (Planning time for marketing groups.)

Thur 8 Personal Selling

Preparation: MK-19

Mon 12 Oral Presentations: to be scheduled

Submit: Final Written Research Report

Tues 13 Oral Presentations: to be scheduled

Organization Diagnosis Due:

Deliver your final paper to AGC 322 by Dec 16.