Date: Wed, 25 Oct 1995 15:06:37 -0600 (MDT)
Michael Pacanowsky
University of Colorado at Boulder


An internship is a good way to try out your skills in the working world, to learn what you like to do (and what you don't like to do), and to see how concepts from communication classes apply in practical situations at work. You are generally not paid, except in credit hours, but the company or institution trains you and you work for them.

To be eligible for an internship, you generally must have earned 90 accumulated semester hours. For each credit hour of internship, you are expected to work about 3 hours per week at the internship site (i.e., 3 hours of credit for 9-10 hours of internship work). You are strongly encouraged to sign up for COMM 4520:800--Communicating Effectively in Organizations at the same time you sign up for internship.

Obtaining the internship. You have three basic ways of obtaining an internship:

          1.)  Check the internship posting on the bulletin board,
          2.)  Sign up with Cooperative Education/Internship      
               program through Howard Rosenberg at Career Services 
               in Willard Hall (students taking Comm 4520:800 pay 
               a reduced fee for this service), or
          3.)  Find one yourself.

     Registration.  Obtain an Application for Internship from the

Advising Office. Once your internship is set up, fill out the application with the work supervisor and get his or her signature. Find a faculty sponsor--generally Michael Pacanowsky but you may arrange to work with any faculty member you like--and get that signature as well. Take the Application for Internship to the Communication Office to register.

Final Evaluation. Near the end of the semester of your internship, you will need to provide you internship supervisor with the Department's Evaluation and Outcomes Assessment forms. These must be filled out by your internship supervisor, and sent back to your faculty sponsor. Your faculty sponsor will meet with you, discuss the evaluation forms, look over any work you wish to bring in, and assign a final grade.