St. Joseph's University                                 Dr. Judi Chapman
PSY 1401-151               VIOLENCE AND AGGRESSION        Spring, 1994
                      Service Learning Course - 4 credits
                  Tues. 9:00-11:15, Thurs. 10-11:15, SC 109

COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course will survey the causes and consequences of violence and aggression. Students will be introduced to the theoretical issues that help to define and delineate aggressive behavior and to practical issues concerning violence and aggression as it exists in our social world. Consideration will be given to means of preventing violence and aggression throughout discussions of course content. This course is being offered as a service learning course. All enrolled studets are required to spend a minimum of three-four hours in service to the community on sites related to course content. One class hour of each week will be devoted to discussion and integration of service learning experiences with course material.

EVALUATIONS and ASSIGNMENTS: Course content follows the syllabus provided. Readings required for each class meeting are listed and are to be read prior tothat class meeting.There will be three noncumulative multiple choice examinations. EXAMS ARE TO BE TAKEN AT SCHEDULED TIMES. Make-up exams will only be permitted when emergencies, illness, orunavoidable family obligations intrude on one's academic schedule.

Note the examination schedule carefully and schedule your studying time effectively. Work "pileup" or examinations for other courses are NOT appropriate excuses for a make-up exam in this course.There will be one required paper.
Students will be required to keep a diary of thoughts, feelings, and experiences related to service. The required paper will include personal reflections on service, integrated with course content. (You are asked to discuss and apply principles you have learned in this course that related to service experience). This assignment will be explained in more detail as class progresses. Your grade on the paper will be counted as a fourth exam. The four exam scores will be averaged to determine the final grade. Grades will be determined by each student's relative standing to other students in the class.Finally, the supervisor of your service experience will provide an evalaution of your performance at the site that will be considered in determining your final course grade.
ATTENDANCE POLICY: Attendance will be mandatory. You will be held responsible for all materials covered in the text, films, and lectures.
ACADEMIC HONESTY: Any student either "borrowing or lending" information or using unauthorized materials during examinations will fail the course and will be reported to the Dean of the College. Please familiarize yourself with the most recently adopted Academic Honesty Policy of Saint Joseph's University.

Berkowitz, L. (1993). Aggression: Its causes, consequences, and control.

NY: McGrawll Hill, Inc. Campbell, A. (1993). Men, women, and aggression. NY: HarperCollins

Publishers, Inc.

OFFICE: 127 Science.
HOURS: Mon. 10-12, Tues. 1-3

                        VIOLENCE AND AGGRESSION                            
                                                DR. J. CHAPMAN
 DATE                   LECTURE                            READINGS
 1/18                 Introduction: Syllabus    
                        Service Learning Component              
                          Diary and requirement                 
 1/20                 Aggression: Definitions and Perspectives        
                        Definition  of Aggression          B1                 
 1/25, 27             Theoretical Perspectives             B12, C1, C2   
                        (Film: The Violent Mind) 
                      Biological and Genetic Factors                    
                      Aggression: Methods for Systematic Study           
 2/1                  Methodological Issues                B13  
                        (Film: The Psychologist and the Experiment)     
                        Emotional Aggression
 2/3, 8, 10          Interpersonal Antecedents:Frustration  B2, C3, C4          
                     Third-Party Instigation                            
                     Gender Responses

 2/15                   EXAM I:         Chapters:       B1, B2, B12, and B13    
                                                        C1, C2, C3, and C4

2/17, 22, 24 Environmental Antecedents:Negative Affect Theory B3

                   Situational Antecedents: Arousal, Cues, Drugs,       
                    and Groups
 3/1            Intervening Processes                           B4
                   Individual Determinants of Aggression                    

 3/3, 3/15      Aggressive Personalities                        B5, C5   
 3/17, 22       Development of Proneness                        B6, C8          
                  (Film:  Racism in America)
 3/24           Exam II:  Chapters: B3, B4, B5,C6 and C8                        
 3/29, 31       Violence in Society/Culture                     B7
                   Violence in the Media                        
                   (Film:  Pornography: The Double Message)             
                   (Film: Dreamworlds)                     
 4/5, 7         Domestic Violence                               B8, C7          
                   (Film:  Violence in the Family)
 4/12           Rape                    
                   (Film:  Rape: An Act of Hate)
 4/14           Murder                                          B9, C6         
 4/19           Global Aggression:  War, Terrorism      
                     (Film: Suffer the Little Children)                       
                Prevention and Control of  Aggression                   
 4/21           Punishment/Societal Control                     B10, C9
 4/26           Psychological Procedures                        B11
 4/28           Conclusions                                     B14

Paper is due on APRIL 28. Late papers will be dropped one letter grade.

 5/              Exam III:  Chapters: B7, B8, B9, B10, B11, B14         
                                      C6, C7, C9