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Literature and Social Violence
Humanities 4835

C. Comstock
Farrand 201, x27656
Hours: MW 11:00-11:50

F 2:30-3:30
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As we make our way through this world of literature, film and research revolving around social violence, please keep in mind that your internship experience is in some ways the most important course text of all. There are thus two unusual emphases in this course:

  1. A comparison of the varying premises and effects yielded by different disciplines, as we move from the humanities to social theory and research.
  2. A continual, thoughtful synthesis of the class materials, your experience, and other students' insights.

Representations of Overt and Structural Violence: Poverty, Racism, You Name It

R Aug 25     Introduction
T     30     The Bluest Eye, Morrison
R      1     "     "      "
T      6     Structural Violence, Moore ("The Last Beating")
R      8     Internship Discussion
T     13     Savage Inequalities, Kozol
R     15     "     "      " and "Rebuilding the Schoolhouse"
T     20     Written analyses of comparative paper examples
R     22     "Inequality and Community" & "An Un-American Tragedy"
T     27     Internship Discussion- Paper due
R     29     Do or Die, Bing
T      4     "     "      " and follow-up article
W      5     Evening Viewing, Boyz 'N the Hood, 5:45pm
R      6     Discussion, Boyz 'N the Hood
T     11     "Crime, Culture, and Political Conflict"
             New Yorker "Notes and Comments" on the LA Riots
R     13     PAPER DUE and Internship Discussion
T     18     Affliction, Banks
R     20     "     "
T     25     Introduction to Child-Loving, Kincaid
                   Homophobia and Coach McCartney's Dream
                   (50,000 red-hot men in Folsom Stadium")
R     27     Giovanni's Room, Baldwin
T      1     Articles on Homophobia and Violence    
R      3     AIDS and the arts
T      8     Gandhi the Man, Easwaran
R     10     Short Essays:  "All Things Are Connected" & "A Boiling
             Issue" Long (Very Good) Essay:  "Sustainable         
T     15     Housekeeping, Robinson
R     17     Within our Reach
T     22     "Hope Amid Tragedy" "To Fight Poverty Involve the    
             Poor" "Skin" "Students Live Out Their Book Learning " 
            "Easing the Conflict"

Nov. 29, Dec. 1, 6 Class Presentations

Final Exam Presentations: Tues., Dec. 13, 3:30-6:30pm

"Extra, Extra, Read All About It":

Assignments: Two comparative analyses
Series of short response papers
Final paper integrating: comparative analysis, service learning, background of area of service, class materials

More than two unexcused absences= a grade off (Please don't make me)

All materials other than books on reserve in Norlin, including optional readings you may find helpful

As a learning community, we're here to support, challenge, and find each other extremely funny and lovable, so feel free to express yourself (but no pinching or biting).

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