Maria Timmons
University of Colorado at Boulder

Social Foundations of Education
Education 3091-001
Fall 1994
Maria Timmons

Purpose: This class will use a combination of readings, discussion, research and reflection on experience to explore current social issues in Education. We will look at the personal and societal challenges our students face, and research a variety of approaches used to address these issues. We will look at the roles schools have played historically and the divere roles they are currently being asked to play. A major focus of this course will be for each class member to define her or his individual perspectives and biases and identify ways these perceptions influence her/his unique views of education.


"To Teach: The Journey of A Teacher" William Ayers

"White Teacher" Vivian Gussin Paley

Additional Readings will be on reserve in the Equity, Diversity and Education Library, room 344 in the School of Education. Hours are 9:30-7:00, Monday through Thursday. The library closes from noon until one every day. Articles are available for two hour check out for reading or copying.

Students are encouraged to share readings which are influential in their own explorations of education.

Assignments: Following is a brief outline of assignments and the weight each will receive in determining your grade for the semester. You will receive more explicit information on expectations as the semester progresses.

25% Autobiography: This will be a 5 page paper which outlines

      your personal history, and identifies factors in your life  
      which have influenced your world view.  It will outline the 
      signifigant life events and educational experiences which   
      have lead to your current interest in education.  It will   
      define your personal philosophy of education and outline your 
      current educational goals.

30% Response to Readings: You are expected to read critically

      and respond with your own opinions to assigned readings.    
      Your perspectives and views add to our depth of understanding
      of the subject.  Attendance and active participation are key 
      expectations of this class.  Three times during the semester 
      you will write brief essays (1-3 pages) in response to      

25% Critical Issues Presentation: You will work with a team of

      class mates to research and present one topic in greater    
      depth.  You will be responsible for presenting a class on   
      your subject.  Certain class periods will be set aside for  
      your team to meet for planning and discussion.

20% Community Exploration: This assignment may take many forms;

      from classroom observation, to interviews with teachers, to 
      volunteer work in an educational setting.  The purpose is to 
      identify an issue in education which interests you and      
      explore the challenges and solutions in a real world context. 
      You will present your exploration to the class in a way which
      shares the learning you gained through this experience.

Schedule for Education 3901-Fall 1994

This is a tentative schedule subject to student or teacher initiated change,

W. 8/24 Introductions
M. 8/29 Role of Schools in Society

Read: Who Failed Rich Musselman W. 8/31 Historical Trends in Education

Discuss Expectations: Autobiographies M. 9/5 Labor Day: No class
W. 9/7 Identity and Culture

             Read: The Silenced Dialogue: Power and Pedagogy in   
             Educating Other People's Children-Delpit

M. 9/12 Read: To Teach-William Ayers, Chapter 1,2, and 3 W. 9/14 Read: To Teach-William Ayers, Chapters 4 and 5 M. 9/19 Sharing Reflections on Autobiographies

Due: Autobiographies
W. 9/21 Read: To Teach-William Ayers, Chapters 6 and 7 M. 9/26 Excerpt: Rachel and Her Children-Kozol

Discuss: Service Experience at the Homeless Shelter W. 9/28 Critical Issues Project Preparation: In class M. 10/3 Equity in Education

             Read:  Excerpt from Savage Inequalities: Looking     
             Backward and Other People's Children-Kozol
W.    10/5   The Classroom Environment
             Read: Excerpt from the Schoolhome-Jane Roland Martin

M. 10/10 Read: White Teacher-Vivian Gussin-Paley W. 10/12 Read: White Teacher-Vivian Gussin-Paley M. 10/17 Speaker
W. 10/19 M. Read: Excerpt from The Challenge To Care in the

M. 10/24 Group Presentation Work Day: No class W. 10/26 Scenarios from Multicultural Classrooms M. 10/31 Gay Culture in America
W. 11/2 Critical Issues Presentation: At Risk Students M. 11/7 Critical Issues Presentation: Tracking W. 11/9 Critical Issues Presentation: Outcome Based Education M. 11/14 Critical Issues Presentation: Multicultural Education W. 11/16 Critical Issues Presentation: Bilingual Education M. 11/21 Speaker: Community Schools

             Read: Encouraging Collaboration to Keep Kids in      
             School-Morris, A Child Resource Policy: Moving Beyond 
             Dependence on School and Family Brice-Heath and      

W. 11/23 Thanksgiving: No Class
M. 11/28 Critical Issues Presentation: Inclusion(Special Needs

W. 11/30 Critical Issues Presentation: Schools of Choice M. 12/5 Sharing Community Experiences W. 12/7 Sharing Community Experiences

             Final Exam: Dec. 14 at 7:30-10:30 AM, in class       

Office Hours: Monday 2:30-3:30 PM, Wednesday 9:00-10:00 AM or by appointment. My office is Education 439. My phone numbers are 492-7749(S) and 545-5916(H).

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