National Service Learning Conference - Madison, Wisconsin

Wed, 21 Oct 1998 09:41:11 -0500
Susan M. Vande Hei (


The Service-learning Mission of Land Grant colleges & Universities
April 709, 1999
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Workshop topics should address the nuts and bolts of doing service
learning: assessment, faculty rewards & incentives, reflective learning,
institutionalizing service learning and more. Papers will be selected to
offer conference attendees additional background and food for thought. Our
featured speakers listed below will provide the framework and foundation
for us to evaluate the role of public service and service learning as it
relates to the service mission of Land Grant Institutions.

There is an increasing interest among colleges and universities to develop
and expand public service opportunities for students and to integrate these
experiences into students' academic course work. There is a parallel
interest in re-energizing the institutional service mission that is an
important component of the original Land Grant idea. Therefore, we are
convening a conference to examine the original public service mission of
land grant institutions and to redefine that mission for the next century.

Featured Presenters include:

"Envisioning Public Service at Land Grant Institutions in the 21st Centrury"
Dr. Bill richardson, Kellog Commission

"The Role of Higher Education in Creating Good Citizens"
President Judith Ramaley, University of Vermont

"Funding the Bricks and Mortar of Service-Learning"
Ed Skloot, Executive Director, Surdna Foundation

"Campus Culture in the 21st Century"
(Kellogg Commission Campus Culture Committee Report)
Chancellor David Ward, University of Wisconsin-Madison

"The Holocaust: Americans Who Cared"
Pierre Sauvage, Los Angeles Film Maker

Tim Stanton, Stanford University and Jeff Howard, University of Michigan
share successes and challenges in developing and maintaining their
nationally-renowned programs.

Contact Yvonne Fangmeyer at 608-265-2407 or
Let us know if you are interested in attending, presenting or submitting a

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