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Example Disclaimer Statements Shared

by Megan Cooperman

05 October 2000 22:06 UTC

Many individuals requested I share this information. 

Thank you to everyone who offered suggestions.  

In response to my request for example disclaimer statements
or advice from other organizations/campuses who have faced 
similar issues: 

I have a disclaimer statement on my website for our community service
program, Volunteerism in Progress (VIP).  The website is
http://studentdev.unr.edu/vip.  It's what I put on my flyers when I post
info around campus too.  Have a good day!

Debby Morss
Academic & Career Resource Specialist
Coordinator, Volunteerism in Progress (VIP)
Academic & Career Services
106 Thompson Student Services/104
University of Nevada, Reno
Reno, NV  89557
775-784-6316 (VIP)
fax 775-784-1884
We are currently updating our web site 
> but here are a couple we use:
> (1) For consumers of our web site information we post:
> Disclaimer:
> All information published herein is gathered from sources which are thought
> to be reliable, but the reader should not assume that the information is
> official or final. The Center for Community Service does not assume
> responsibility for errors, and all information is subject to change without
> notice. Certain programs, projects and links listed here are not operated by
> nor are they the responsibility of the Center for Community Service. Links
> from these pages to external Web sites are provided as a service to visitors
> and do not constitute an endorsement by John Carroll University.
> (2) Regarding outside organizations submitting information to be posted on
> our site we use:
> Please note:
> You may be contacted by a staff member of the Center for Community Service.
> The Center's staff may edit posting requests to accommodate space. Every
> request to post a listing is subject to the Center for Community Service's
> approval. The Center for Community Service will not approve any posting for
> situations that violate human rights, demean human dignity, or operate
> according to principles directly opposed to those for which John Carroll
> University as a Catholic institution must stand.
> Regarding other training opportunities we are investigating using MS
> Blackboard as a training site for university vehicle drivers, all volunteers
> regarding safety in unfamiliar neighborhoods, and tutoring training.
> -------------------------------------------------------
> Mark C. Falbo, Ph.D.
> Director for Community Service
> Center for Community Service
> John Carroll University
> University Heights, OH 44118
> Email: mfalbo@jcu.edu
> Http: www.jcu.edu/comserv/
> Tel: (216) 397-1662
> Fax: (216) 397-1661
Slyvia DuRant from Hood College shared sample statements 
from internship materials.

Hood College itself does not control the way in which the 
internship work experience and the internship site is 
structured or operates.  In granting academic credit for 
this internship, the College affirms that, to the best of 
its judgement, the experience is an appropriate curricular 
option for students in liberal arts program of study and 
worthy of Hood College credit but makes no other 
assurances, expressed or implied, about any travel and 
living arrangements the student has made.

Hood College does not knowingly approve internship 
opportunities that pose undue risks to their participants.  
However, any internship or travel carries with it potential 
hazards which are beyond the control of the College and its 
agents or employees. 
Kristin Bosetti, president of Link Research, encouraged me 
to visit her organization's Web site at 
www.LinkResearch.org. This is a nonprofit organization 
forging connections between university-based 
researchers looking for applied academic experiences and 
nonprofits looking for support
with their research needs. Link maintains a database of research projects
posted by nonprofits that want to work with academic researchers.

We were also encouraged to contact or look into local 
volunteer clearinghouses such as the Montgomery County 
Volunteer Center at http://www.co.mo.md.us/services/volunteer/ 
We found a disclaimer statement on George Mason 
University's Center for Service and Leadership at 

We also visited www.servenet.org offered by Youth Service 
America.  They state, "Youth Service America does not 
necessarily endorse any of the volunteer organizations 
listed.  Please contact each opportunity of interest before 
Megan Cooperman
Coordinator, Community Service Involvement and Leadership
Commuter Affairs and Community Service
1195 Stamp Student Union
University of Maryland
College Park, MD  20742-4621
301-314-9874 (fax)

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