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Resources for Unpublished Dissertations

by Emily Samose

04 April 2002 23:57 UTC

A few weeks back I requested your advice on how to acquire unpublished dissertations for use in a literature review.

Thank you for all of your ideas and responses!!!

A few of you asked me to share any info that I received.
What follows is a basic cut-and-paste from the replies.

Thanks again for all of your ideas,
Emily Samose
Community Based Learning Center
Notre Dame de Namur University
1500 Ralston Ave.
Belmont, CA


Ann Arbor Michigan has dissertations on file which can be purchased.

Interlibrary loan.

Digital dissertations: it is a database that your university might have access to that will allow you to download in acrobat reader many dissertations that you might be interested in.

Dissertation abstracts: another online database that gives you access to a catalog of dissertations from around the globe.  Once you have the access number, you can call and order the dissertation. They will send it to you unbound (approx. $35) or bound (approx. $60)

Dissertations are kept at the University of Michigan and can be obtained through UMI Dissertation Services. When we did the 'At A Glance' bibliography, we
bought them in downloadable form and printed them ourselves. I think they are also available on microfiche and hard copy.  The web site is:
Their number is: 1 800 521 0600

I think that you can contact UMI (
http://www.umi.com/) and purchase some of the dissertations...this is kind of the expensive way to do it. Sometimes you can find them at the library where the dissertation was filed...so in that case, you can request an interlibrary transfer.

All unpublished theses are registered with Dissertation Abstracts.  Check it out at your university library.  Someone at your library can either find them through inter-library loan or you can buy them from Dissertation Abstracts either as microfilms or hardcopy.  By now, they may even be able to send them to you via the Internet. 

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