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Bonner Foundation job openings

by Robert Hackett

25 April 2000 16:14 UTC


The Corella and Bertram F. Bonner Foundation is looking for college
graduates who have a demonstrated commitment to and leadership of campus
outreach programs to fill several job openings in its Bonner Scholars and
AmeriCorps Bonner Leaders Programs.  The Bonner Scholars Program is the
largest privately funded community service scholarship program in the
country, supporting more than 1500 students at 25 institutions in 12
states.  Our AmeriCorps Bonner Leaders Program is one of the largest
AmeriCorps Education Awards programs operating on college campuses.  For
more information on the Foundation and its programs, visit our website

We are seeking qualified candidates for the following positions:

[1] Bonner Scholars Program Assistant:
Opening for a recent college graduate with a minimum of two years
experience in leading/managing student community service activities while
in college.  Job expectations include program support for the Bonner
Scholars Program, significant travel to campuses, public presentations,
training, and event coordination.  

[2] Bonner Scholars Program Associate:
Minimum of two years of professional experience in managing college or
AmeriCorps volunteer/community service programs.  Responsibilities
include: managing significant government grants, program implementation
throughout the Bonner Scholars Program and at other replicating
institutions, developing and sustaining partnerships with other national
and international organizations, curriculum development and training,
public presentations, travel to campuses, and meeting planning.

[3] Bonner Scholars Program Officer:
Minimum four years of professional experience in managing college or
AmeriCorps community service programs and/or community development
activities.  Responsibilities include: grant research, grant management,
research and planning, program design and implementation, meeting
planning, public presentations, advanced computer literacy, some travel,
representing the foundation at regional and national meetings.

[4] AmeriCorps Bonner Leaders Project Coordinator:
Administer a significant AmeriCorps grant integrating part-time student
AmeriCorps volunteers with full-time community-based AmeriCorps members. 
Community and campus sites located throughout the state of New Jersey.  
Responsibilities include: overall program management, budget reporting,
recruitment of corps members, designing and presenting workshops, and
monitoring multi-site placements. 

If you are interested in any of these positions, please send a cover
letter and resume, along with a list of three references (including name,
title, address, and phone number)....

by mail to:  
        Bonner Foundation
        10 Mercer St.
        Princeton, NJ 08540

or by email to:

APPLICATION DEADLINE:  May 5, 2000.  Interviews (telephone or in person)
will take place in mid to late May.  Please be sure to include a phone
number where you can be reached from May 5-30.

For more information visit our website (www.bonner.org) or contact:
        Mary Beth Mapes
        Bonner Foundation

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