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Catholic Social Teaching and the Market Economy (16:28; 2011)


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Rosling: The other half of the world (2007; 22:33)

Rosling: Health, money and sex in Sweden (7:28; 2007)

Rosling: Aging Europe (2008; 3:33)

Rosling: Is Chile a developing country? (2007; 5:07)


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Matt Ridley: A new perspective on climate change (2015)

Matt Ridley: Global warming versus global greening (2016)

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Characteristics of Minimum wage workers (2004)

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Minding the gap: Wage inequality (2008)

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Tech Bubble (2007; 2:45)

Uninsured in America (2007; 9:03)

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Winning the oil endgame (2005; 19:44)

 Mind your own business (2006) 

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Do we spend enough on education?  Ben Cohen says no (2004; 4:30; text) Others say yes