General Information for Math 445
Fall 2018

Michael Knapp
Office: Knott 301e
Email: mpknapp (at) loyola (dot) edu
Office Hours: Monday 9-10
Thursday 9-11
Friday 9-10
or by appointment.
Text: (Recommended)
Leon, Steven, Linear Algebra with Appications,
9th edition, 2014
Class Meetings: Time: MWF 1:00-1:50 AM
Place: Knott Hall 005
Course Summary and Philosophy
Vector Space Properties of Rn
Definition of a Vector Space
Definitions and Theorems about Subspaces
Using the Wronskian
Null, Row, and Column Spaces

Homework Problems
Homework 1 due Friday, September 14
Homework 2 due Friday, September 21

Homework Solutions
Homework 1

Exams and Solutions
Coming Soon!

Exam Dates
Exam Date
Midterm 1 Mon. Oct. 8
Midterm 2 Mon. Nov. 5
Final Exam Sat., Dec. 15, 9:00-12:00