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New!Dec 6
Final Exam Info

Oct 29
Exam coverage:

The exam on Thursday will cover up to and including MOST of Section 14.7. Classifying critical points to find local max/mins/saddle points WILL be on the exam, but finding abs. max/mins on a region will NOT be on the exam.

For the Exam 2 review, this takes away problems #18-20. The due date of sections 14.7-14.8 on webwork will be delayed until the following Thursday night/Friday morning, but you will still need to practice/know how to do problems like S14.7 #1-2 for Thursday!

During Wednesday's lecture we will answer any review problems you have, and do as much of S14.8 as time allows.

Remember, we also have Project 2 due the following Thursday, too.

Oct 25
Thursday, Nov 1 is our second exam. Get the review sheet on the solutions page.

Oct 22
Project #2 has been announced! Also, there's a new explanation of how to email files.

Sept 27
Thursday, Oct 4 is our first exam. Get the review sheet on the solutions page.

Sept 26
Project #1 has been announced! Get the Matlab Info that was handed out with it.

Some links:
  1. WeBWorK site
  2. Beginners Guide to MATLAB written by Dr. Xenophontos
  3. Graphics in MATLAB: an overview written by Dr. Xenophontos
  4. The Ten Commandments of Mathematics
  5. Common errors in undergrad math
  6. Why study calculus?
  7. Loyola Center for Academic Services and Support (info on tutors, etc.)
  8. Publisher's site (some decent visuals/modules for each chapter and PDF documents found under Resourses)
  9. Graphics for Calculus (I)
  10. Visual Calculus
  11. An online calculus tutorial.
  12. Calculus Tutorials by Harvey Mudd College
  13. A review of limits.
  14. A review of the trig Pyth. Identities
  15. Sine and cosine animations.
  16. Some algebra/precalculus review links (some of the above links also have review stuff)
  17. Am I in Pi?
  18. The MacTutor History of Mathematics archive -- LOTS of facts and Mathematicians of the Day
  19. AMS: Information for math majors
  20. Mathematical Sciences Career Information: AMS-MAA-SIAM Project for Nonacademic Employment
  21. UNCW Careers in Math
  22. SIAM: Career Information
  23. MAA: Career Profiles
  24. My homepage
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