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I am professor of economics at the Loyola University Maryland, where I teach various undergraduate economics courses.  Click here if you are looking for information about My Research!


At Loyola, I was trusted with the Hanway Chair in Global Studies. The Global Studies major is an interdisciplinary program based in four disciplines: economics, history, political science and sociology. The major provides students with a social science-based framework within which to analyze globalizing processes that transcend national and disciplinary boundaries.  Since 2014, students in my global studies senior seminar class have conducted over 35 community engagement projects. 


Last year, the 2017 Global Studies Senior class created informational materials regarding laws and common policies that affect women in the job market (and made them available to future generations via career services); donated over $1500 worth of feminine hygiene products to local shelters; implemented an “angel shot” campaign at local establishments to prevent violence against women; conducted a systematic examination of media content regarding climate change in order to assess the extent of bias in the news; conducted a public awareness campaign via and raised over $500 to the education of refugees; studied current attitudes towards migration by collecting, examining, and delivering over 70 personal letters from the Loyola community to recent immigrants; worked together with to make financial education more accessible to everyone and delivered their module at the Baltimore Lab School and Guilford Elementary;  helped revitalize Baltimore’s historically disadvantaged neighborhoods working together with; and worked with the Archdiocese of Baltimore’s Steam program to produce a newspaper that highlighted the multicultural identities within a local school.    Previous classes produced similar projects.