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I am an associate professor of economics at the Loyola University Maryland, where I teach various undergraduate economics courses.  As an economist, I am engaged in a variety of economic research projects.  Below, you will find useful links to materials related to my research.


Working Papers

A New Approach to the Study of Jobless Recoveries, with Jared Reber


A comparative study of training in the private and public sectors: Evidence from the UK and the USA, with Facundo Sepulveda

Legalization and Human Capital Accumulation, with Facundo Sepulveda and Nieves Valdes.



Permanent Working Papers

Intermediate Industry Monopolies: Long-Run Implications of Private and Public Ownership.


Aids, Human Capital and Growth.


Does Opportunism go Unnoticed? A Study of Vote Functions and Policy Preferences.


Downloadable files

ERN read-me file and dataset from the paper “Corruption and Elections: An Empirical Study for a Cross-Section of Countries” (Economics and Politics, vol. 21, no.2, pp. 179-200, July 2009. With Stefan Krause).


Web appendix for the paper “Can corruption foster regulatory compliance?” (Public Choice, forthcoming).