A Sample of Reviews and Comments

"As a physician and philosopher, Drew Leder knows the highways and byways of life's spiritual journey. His marvelous book offers an intimate roadmap of the surprising terrain of personal growth during the second half of life. Gentle and reassuring, firm and realistic, down-to-earth and personal--a guide for all seasons!"

Thomas Cole, Ph.D., professor, U. of Texas Medical Branch, co-author of The Oxford Book of Aging

"Promises to become a classic. Designed to be read privately or used as a workbook guide for small groups. I find this a wonderful book, full of hope. This book could revolutionize the aging of society and precipitate a paradigm change from [its] medicalization to its spiritualization."

Review in Aging and the Human Spirit, by Jane Thibault, Ph.D., clinical gerontologist, U. of Louisville School of Medicine

"An exceptionally rich and readable guide to spiritual growth."

Carol Krucoff, health columnist, The Washington Post

"What a delight to receive a copy of Spiritual Passages. What a fine work--gentle, wise, and right on target. I'm glad to learn about it and recommend it to anyone needing spiritual guidance--and who doesn't?"

Larry Dossey, M.D., author of Healing Words, executive editor of Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine.

"In this profound and practical volume, the author taps into all the world's religions for insights on qualities that can be unfurled by elders. A perfect manual for those of us who are elders in training."

review in Body, Mind and Spirit, by Frederic Brussat

"I thoroughly enjoyed reading this delightfully written work. I truly can recommend this as a helpful and insightful document in self-exwploration and spirituality.

review in Caregiver's Journal, by Donald Heringa, D. Min. BCC, Northern Westchester Hospital Center


"This is a book which could be used in many ways by hospital chaplains, CPE supervisors and parish clergy. Leder offers glimpses of the "ahas" which truly mark the spiritual passages for many."

review in Chaplaincy Today

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