Andrew Samuel

Welcome! I am an Associate Professor of Economics at Loyola University Maryland.My research lies at the nexus of law and economics, regulation, and industrial organization - not in the traditional anti-trust sense. Rather, I am interested in examining whether and how competitive forces interact with a regulators ability to enforce firms' compliance with its regulations. My research, therefore, is centered around two thrusts:  (1) Do market forces and regulatory enforcement reinforce or crowd each other out? (2) What is the optimal type of monitoring or enforcement of regulations within a given market environment? I use game theory, micro theory, and some empirical methods to answer these questions.

Besides research, I enjoy teaching undergraduate micro theory, game theory and MBA strategy and statistics.

Contact Information

Department of Economics
Loyola University Maryland
4501 N Charles St
Baltimore, MD 21210

Office: Sellinger Hall 321
Office Phone: (410)617-5328